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Arnon Cards

100 OG Joker NFTs

An ultra-limited drop of 100 OG Jokers with sweet perks for early supporters of the Arnon Cards project. Minting now!

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Arnon Joker NFTs

10,000 Jokers on the Solana blockchain

Mint a Joker
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w/ professional art coming soon

NFT Perks

All Joker NFT holders receive the following perks:

Joker Ghosts Monthly Airdrop: Joker Ghost NFTs

Every Joker holder will receive a monthly Joker Ghost airdrop, which they can sell or give to friends. Ghost holders also enjoy the Joker perks marked with a Joker Ghosts below.

Unlock IAPs Unlocked IAPs Joker Ghosts

Access all future In-App Purchases for free (new AR sets & games).

AR NFTs AR NFTs Joker Ghosts

View Joker / Ghost NFTs in augmented reality and use in the metaverse.

NFT Auction Daily NFT Auction Joker Ghosts

Joker / Ghost NFT holders can bid on the Daily NFT Collabs (exclusive 3d art).

Community Community Joker Ghosts

Join the community, brainstorm and vote on future AR sets & games.

DAO Game Access DAO Game Joker Ghosts

Only NFT holders will have access to play the DAO-created AR game.

Discounts Merch Discounts Joker Ghosts

All NFT holders get $5 off all card decks and other exclusive merchandise.

Pair of Jokers

Every wallet holding a pair of Joker NFTs receives:

Purple Deck Royal Purple Deck

A free, limited-edition Royal Purple deck with metallic ink included in their deck order.

Raffle Silver Deck Raffle

An entry to 52 weekly raffles to win one of 110 signed and numbered silver foil decks.

Poker Tournament Weekly Poker Game

A seat at the weekly poker tournament, winner gets a Silver foil deck and 10% of resell royalties that week.

So much more than a deck of playing cards

The Decks

5 Cards PNG
4 Color Deck

Custom 56 card, 4 color suit deck with augmented reality models and games.

5 Cards PNG
2 Color Deck

Custom 56 card, 2 color suit deck with augmented reality models and games.

5 Cards PNG
Royal Purple Deck

Limited edition deck with metallic purple ink, only available to Joker holders.

Augmented Reality (AR)

AR Preview GIF
Cards & NFT Jokers

Every card shows its own beatifully crafted 3D model through the Arnon app.

AR Preview GIF
Daily NFT Collab

Card backs augment a new 3D model in collaboration with new artists every day.

AR Preview PNG

Explore 52 gorgeous 3D dioramas created by 52 different 3D artists.

AR Card Games

AR Preview GIF

A competitive resource collection frenzy.

AR Preview GIF

A cooperative, tile-based dungeon crawler.

AR Preview GIF
DAO Game

An entirely DAO-led game funded from the treasury.

Magic Tricks

AR Preview GIF
AR Card Force

Take a picture of a person pretending to hold a card, and the camera adds their forced card via AR.

Color Change GIF
Shifty Queen

Perform your favorite color change with an extra queen of hearts in royal purple.

Close up on Jack
Lucky Jack

Force the 3 of clubs, but ask the spectator if their card is the Jack of Diamonds.


Early 2022

- Arnon Jokers NFT Drop

Spring 2022

- Card Deck Release
- iOS App Launch (Daily AR NFT Collab, AR Cards & NFT Jokers)

Summer 2022

- Android App Launch (Daily AR NFT Collab, AR Cards & NFT Jokers)
- Joker Ghosts Airdrops Begin

Fall 2022

- Empire Game Launch (iOS & Android)
- Dioramas Launch (iOS & Android)

Winter 2022

- Dive Game Launch (iOS & Android)

2023 and Beyond

- DAO Game Launch (iOS & Android)
- Community led projects… what’s next?


Erik Wetterskog Erik Wetterskog

iOS / web3 Developer

Shannon Adams Shannon Adams

Card Illustrator

Another Person

3D Artist

Another Person


Another Person

Android Developer

Another Person


Another Person


Another Person